It’s Been Busy…

Hello Everyone…. I can’t believe how life has been getting away so fast. I have been on two business trips, a camping trip, weekend away with my husband, said goodbye to my youngest son going to visit his sister in Florida for a month, my oldest son going to work in Colorado for a little bit and Arizona deciding to reach triple digits. 113 today and 115 tomorrow.  I know this is no excuse, but I have only been riding about 4 times this last month.

I went yesterday at 5:15 AM. It starts getting light at 4:50 AM and if I don’t go that early, its not going to happen. I plan on getting up early tomorrow and going too. I have taken the next week off from work and I plan on getting up extra early, before anyone else just to go riding.

My oldest daughter and her 2 year-old son plus my other grandson(8 years-old) from my youngest daughter will be arriving tomorrow for a visit. Hondo and I plan on waking up before everyone else to go riding and still be back to fix breakfast!!

I’m excited to get to show my grandsons Hondo and hopefully get them on him for a ride, but we are planning quite a few indoor activities.

I am currently trying to map out one of the passages, where its cooler so I can get Hondo and I out of this heat.  I won’t be able to take him next weekend, but the weekend after, we will be in the mountains…

Happy Riding

TC & Hondo




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