JJ’s Poem

I know I haven’t written a whole lot about me getting ready to ride The Arizona Trail lately, but sometimes there are things that you need to stop and make important. My son JJ (Joe Jr) had to write a poem for an English assignment. I’m not sure of all the parameters that was required, but I felt his poem needed to be shared!

Desert Hours

The desert morning wakes with a twill, If you listen,  you might hear a whippoorwill. As the sun creeps up into the sky, a Gila Woodpecker settles nearby.

At noon, lizards climb about on the wall. While the Saguaro Cactus stands tall.  Other animals look for the shade, to escape the heat the sun has made.

A desert sunset provides the best color of the day. It’s the time when the barn owl comes out to play.  It sweeps and it swoops through the air. Silently and swiftly never touching your hair.

The desert night is welcomed by a coyote’s yip. Perhaps looking for a pool of water to sip.  Night is when the predators come out to prey and only the strongest survive to the next day.

A Poem written by Joe Ornelas Jr. 5/22/2017

I’m very proud of my son JJ. Maybe we will have another writer in the family. By the way, I am not the writer in our family, my mother is a professional writer by career (35 years in the newspaper business). Check her blog out…. Pat Beans blog….. and my Sister and Uncle both have published books!

Until next time…. Happy Riding

TC and Hondo


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