Hello from above the Clouds

I haven’t flown for awhile, but lately I started traveling for work again. I have always heard the announcements about turning off your electronic devices and recently just them saying “ensure your devices are in airplane mode”. Today I actually heard them say you can turn them on and they even gave the wifi name to connect too!  This is way cool 😎 to be writing my blog from high above solid ground!

I’m pretty sure this isn’t a new event for most people that fly all the time, but for this old girl, it was new. I am traveling home from a business trip and I have been away from Hondo for about 3 weeks. I traveled to San Diego on 5/16 and got home on 5/20. I had 2 days to pack for a end of school year camping trip for my boys. Luckily my husband Joe had cleaned out our camper so I could check that off my list. 

I still had to plan our meals, shop for our meals, write a packing list for the boys so that they would pack enough underthings and personal items, I had to pick out most of Tony’s things (Aspergers Syndrome), get all laundry complete and make sure Hondo was alright after his recent colic. I did not have time to ride due to we also had a sudden heat wave… 85 to 100 degrees. I didn’t want to ride until I knew Hondo and myself wasn’t going to be affected to the sudden heat, especially after Hondo colicked.

We returned from the camping trip and I had another 2 days to get ready for my 2nd business trip in as many weeks.  This time I was heading to Louisville, Kentucky.  I am now heading home and can’t wait to see my family (which includes Hondo). 

I was able to FaceTime with my husband and he said that my dog Zippy was really depressed. Zip did not even sleep in his doggy bed in our room because I was not there. His doggie bed is on my side of the bed and he was missing me!  During this time, my youngest son flew to Orlando to go visit with his sister for awhile this summer.  I am a mother hen and when he was flying I told him to call or text every time he landed. Patrick only had one stop, but it was LA so I worried about him constantly. He is 15 years old, but he is my baby (all 6 of my children are my babies, but Patrick is my baby baby πŸ‘ΆπŸ»). I felt a lot better after he arrived and I talked to him FaceTime!

I am heading home and I will start riding Hondo again. In the next few weeks, I plan on taking Hondo to the nearest passage of the Arizona Trail.  I will not be spending the night, but we will get our first taste of the trail! Hondo got new shoes while I was in Louisville so I expect him to be really ready to get out on a trail.

Happy Riding to everyone!  Talk to you soon….

TC and Hondo


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