When Momma Leaves!

Have you ever noticed that when you are away that is when one of your kids, house pets or in my case Hondo gets sick?  I left yesterday for a business trip to San Diego and my husband decided that go with me because he has family in San Diego.  Hondo chose this time to get sick to make me worry! Hondo got COLICKY 😷.

My sons spent the night alone last night.  Remember they are 15, 16 & 17.  My mom couldn’t get to our home until this morning to stay and take care of everything while Joe and I are away.

This afternoon  she went to feed Hondo carrots, but she saw Hondo laying on the ground and he wouldn’t get up.  She immediately called my husband and Joe asked all the usual questions. Joe told my Mom to just leave him alone if he was just resting quietly.  If Hondo started rolling or thrashing immediately get him to his feet and start walking him. Joe texted my son JJ to go ahead and leave school to help Nana with Hondo.

I was finally able to call my mom when I was on a break and I told her to take away all of his feed. She said it looked like he hadn’t eaten since last night. I called my Vet and told her what was going on and she said she was slammed and wouldn’t be able to make it until late tonight.  I was going to have to tell my mom how to give Hondo a shot of banamine herself.  After talking to my Vet again, she said my mom could just squirt it under his tongue (needle removed of course). My son JJ was there to help.

So far, Hondo is doing better and my neighbor is home from work and is helping watch Hondo also.  She told me she would get a vet over if Hondo started getting worse..  I know Hondo is being taken care of, but I always feel that he gets sick every time I’m gone.  My mom is very capable of handling emergencies, I just feel guilty when it happens while I’m gone.

I’m glad my Mom was able to recognize that Hondo was not feeling well and he got the attention he needed. I will be having a few restless nights until I get home again 😋

Happy Riding   🏜🏜

TC 🤠 & Hondo 🐴




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