Sunday Morning Ride

Sunday (yesterday) was a beautiful day to ride. The weather on Friday was 98 degrees and the temp dropped to 75 degrees by Sunday. My husband heard the night before that I wanted to go riding and he got up at 5 AM to feed Hondo for me. He usually gets feed at 7 AM. I woke up at 5:45 and was saddled up by 6:45 AM. I didn’t want to take the chance of it warming up too quickly and cut my ride short. Luckily it stayed pretty cool and I wore an extra shirt during my ride.

On my ride I saw a roadrunner, a couple of cottontails, coyote, javalina and 2 deer. I got a video of the javalina and deer, but my blog doesn’t support video. I am still using the free version.  I will probably upgrade when I start riding The Arizona Trail to show video portions of the trail.

I took the trail called “Animal Tracks Wash”. It is an easy trail with only one difficult area that Hondo has to pick through. The difficult part is very short, which makes the whole trail rated easy.  I can cut around on another trail to make a complete circle back to my house.

The morning was a perfect trail riding morning.  The weather was just cool enough to give Hondo a little extra energy in his step. There was no breeze to speak of and all the insects were in hiding due to the sudden drop in temperature.

On the trail I always keep an eye out for a plant called the pineapple cactus. The cactus only grows to be 6 – 8 inches in height. It is on the endangered species list which means it is in danger of becoming extinct. Below is a picture. So far, I have only came across it once before prior to this ride.


As you can see, it looks just like a pineapple. The easiest way to recognize it when it is not in bloom is the starburst design of the thorns. I use to do a lot of flower gardening and I am always on the lookout for unique plants. Since we moved to Arizona, I haven’t done any gardening.  I was pretty ill for awhile and the ground is not conducive to gardening without a lot of attention and care.  I still love plants and flowers so when I come across something unusual or extremely unique, I will take pictures.

In my last blog, I talked about Hondo. I am still writing Part 2 of his story, but I told you about his coloring and the striping on his legs and face. I inserted some pictures I took yesterday to show his markings.  If you look at his face the striping makes him look like a wrinkly old man! The pictures are of his face, back leg, front leg and withers.

Happy Trails and Adventures….

TC & Hondo





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