Hondo’s Story (Part 1)

I was was reading through my past blogs and I realized that I haven’t told you about Hondo…. so here goes…..

Hondo is a 16 hand quarter-thoroughbred mix.  His coloring is a red line-back dun. He has tiger striping on his legs and his face. It makes him look like he has a wrinkled forehead.

Hondo was found wandering in the desert by Border Patrol. He was very sick and dehydrated.  The veterinarian aged him around 8 yrs old.  They believed he was from some illegals running drugs from Mexico due to the tack found on him. The Vet figured he had been in the desert for a couple of months on his own due to his condition.  He had been a stallion when he was found. For anyone who knows horses, that means he was cut late.

Border Patrol confiscated him and sent him to be trained for use by Border Patrol. They had named him Chico.  He had been with Border Patrol for about 6 years. He had some of the best training during that time. He was a very dependable horse I was told.  The Border Patrol agent who had ridden him the most was leaving to another area. They had decided to retire Chico.

One of my friends Sharon who has a training facility acquired him with 5 other horses. She  gets retired Border Patrol horses to train kids in the different disciplines of horse riding.  She has received horses from all over the country and even out of the country for training.

I was at the ranch when Hondo (Chico) arrived. My friend was helping me with my haflinger Trisha.  Trisha and I had lost confidence in each other. We had a bad experience out on the trail and I fell off her and was hurt pretty bad.  After that I started riding Trisha in the arena and she had started bucking me off.  I had gotten scared of riding and my friend was working with Trisha to get her more trail sense and miles on her.  She was also working with me to get my confidence back.

When Hondo (Chico) arrived that day, Sharon asked if I wanted to get on one of the new horses that just arrived. I chose a paint. He was small and short like my haflinger Trisha.  I regret making that decision because I did not have a good lesson that day.

A couple of weeks later Sharon and my neighbor wanted to go on a trail ride. Sharon said she had the perfect horse for me to ride. Sharon was still trying to help me get my confidence back. That was the first time I rode Hondo (Chico).  I told Sharon that he was too tall for me though. I would never be able to mount him without a block. That was one of the reason I liked shorter stocky horses.

After that day Hondo became the horse I always took on trail. Sharon kept trying to sell me Hondo, but I kept insisting he was too tall. One of Sharon’s students fell in Love with Trisha and Trisha was making a better arena horse than trail horse so I sold Trisha to her. I was horseless for about 6 months, but whenever we went on trail rides, I rode Hondo.

Sharon came to me one day and said she was going to have to sell Hondo because he absolutely hated arena work. None of her students wanted to ride him because he fought with them in the arena. Whenever he was ridden outside the arena, he was the best mannered horse you could ask for. I had fallen in love with him and Hondo had helped me get my confidence back.

I had already renamed him months ago from Chico to Hondo.  I didn’t like the name Chico.  I named him Hondo after John Wayne.  John Wayne had a big red horse named Pilgram and I always thought that Hondo looked like Pilgram.  Hondo was the first John Wayne movie I remember seeing as a kid and John Wayne was my childhood hero.  Hence my new horse Hondo!

Well that is part 1 of Hondo’s Story…. In the years that I have owned him, we have written a new chapter in our lives, but that will have to wait until another day 😉

The picture below is of me and Trisha in 2009. I was 90 lbs heavier than I am today. I only put the picture in so you can see Trisha 🐴


Happy Riding

TC 👩🏼‍🌾 & Hondo 🐴

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