The Vet and a Selfie Stick

I called Hondo’s Vet to come look at his ear.  This last week Hondo has been sensitive with anything touching his ear. He actually pulled away when I bridled him and that was very unHondo like…

Our Vet couln’t find anything remarkable with his ear.  The only thing she noticed was that it was very dry and flaky. Her diagnosis was that the flakes may have been loose and worked it’s way to his eardrum and irritated it.  She gave him some medicine in his ear and then asked if I wanted his vaccinations while she was here. I laughed and said he just got them. My Vet reminded me that that was in October, his Fall shots. It was time for his Spring shots.  I swear time is just passing me by…

We talked for a few minutes and I told her about taking Hondo on the Arizona trail and she gave Hondo her medical blessings.  She did suggest I keep some Butapaste with me on the trail. She gave me a tube.  What just started out as a quick look into Hondo’s ear was turning out to be very profitable for the Vet (haha). Any horse person knows what I’m talking about…

After the Vet left, I decided to get some quick pictures with my new selfie stick.  Hondo wasn’t sure about the stick and shied away at first. I have rarely seen Hondo have a negative reaction to any equipment that I have had around him. I was telling myself that Hondo still had a little bit of the sedative in him.  The Vet usually doesn’t need to give Hondo a sedative, but today Hondo was being touchy with his ear. Our Vet also knows to give Hondo half a dose because Hondo is what the Vet calls “a cheap drunk”. Hondo is sensitive to those type of medications.

Hondo gets today off to recover from his sedative.  I am planning on taking him back to Catalina State Park on Sunday.  I will let you know about that trail ride adventure.   I inserted  a few more pics to show off my selfie stick…

By the way my shirt says “A Real Princess doesn’t kiss a Frog”. The silhouette is a Cowgirl kissing her horses nose 🙂

Happy Riding…… TC

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