Sleeping Bag Dilemma

I have discussed this topic before…. My sleeping bag dilemma.  When I spent the night in the desert, I realized my sleeping bag was just too big.  It didn’t fit in any of my saddle bags and it was too bulky to safely attached to Hondo.  If I attached it behind his saddle, I couldn’t safely mount or dismount.  I guess that is why Cowboys just had a small bedroll back in the day…

I kept pondering what I was going to do and after much researching on the internet I found a sleeping bag (actually several and they were hard to pick through) called a compression bag.  It was extremely hard to pick one out and I kept using my tape measure when they had the size and weight listed.  Another thing that I had difficulties was picking one that had enough protection from the cold.

I finally decided on one that was supposed to be a 4-season bag.  It is a mummy bag and it is supposed to be comfortable for a person up to 6’3″.  Of course, Amazon has 2-day free shipping so I didn’t have to wait long for it to arrive.

I immediately opened it and the bag was compressed into the size a little bit bigger than a football. After I took it out of the packaged I thought the sleeping bag was extremely lightweight and how was it going to keep me warm?  I jumped into it and I am 5’4″, I don’t see how someone that is 6’3″ would fit into it.  It fit me pretty well with not much leftover.  I am still skeptical about it keeping me warm like my other bag.  It just seems too thin….

After much struggling, I finally got it back into the compression bag.  It definitely did not come out the same size as it was from the manufacture.  Luckily, it is small enough to fit behind my saddle with no issues of it being in the way. It fits nicely into the backsaddle bag.

I think I need another night in the desert to try out all my new equipment!  Happy Riding!


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