Too Clean?

Today I gave Hondo a shower. First I finished clipping him to help him get rid of his winter coat. I only clip certain areas, I never fully clip him… Then I gave him his shower.  He got shampooed and conditioner so I can go get him really sweaty tomorrow!

After I finished grooming him, I usually fly spray him before I put him away.  Today was no different.  As I finished fly spraying his entire body, I went to go put away me supplies.  It was then I noticed that my fly spray and show sheen spray were stored in each other’s spot…

I went and checked Hondo out and sure enough, he had show sheen all over his body. This included his saddle area.  My only thought was in over 30 years of handling horses, I have never made the mistake of using the wrong spray bottle.

Hondo got a second shower and he is extra clean. I just hope that tomorrow my saddle doesn’t think about sliding all around.  The trail I have decided we are going on has some pretty rough spots and that would not be the right time to have my saddle to start slipping!

Until next time…. Happy Riding!


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