Another Year

Today is my Birthday 🎉. I am celebrating it with my husband. We are enjoying a night away from home and kids.  I use to think that time passed really slow and I was always in a hurry to grow up. Now I would like to slow down time. The older I get, the faster time travels. I thought it took me forever to get to my twenties. My 30’s I think time might have traveled just right. That’s the decade for me that I did a lot of traveling and had a great time in my life. When I hit my 40’s, time started going by faster and now that I am a few years in my fifth decade time is speeding and I feel that I don’t have enough of it to accomplish the goals I still have in my life.

Another year passed. Another Birthday. I will admit it was a tough year personally, but it is gone. I need to start riding The Arizona Trail before I start saying  another year.  I have all the equipment I should need. I’m still working on the distribution of weight for my horse Hondo. I need to start some day trips on a few of the nearby passages carrying everything to judge the distribution.  Well before I can say “another year”, it is starting tomorrow!

Tomorrow Hondo will be getting his final check marked on his list of things to do before going on an our trail adventure.  Saturday we are going to go and ride 12 miles with full gear on a trail that is classified as strenuous to include extreme inclines / declines. There will be parts of the trail that I will dismount due to the incline or decline, but this will be our final test prior to going on the AZT!

No more “Another Year”. The adventure has started!!

TC –


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