Time to be Thankful….

My husband and I were sitting in the Doctor’s office with the weight of the world on our shoulders. The Doctor entered the tiny examine room and the first thing he said was “All tumors he removed are benign”….. wheeeewww … there was a giant relief in the tiny room and my husband and I could feel that heaviness lifting off our shoulders…. We asked all the normal and maybe not so normal questions for the next few minutes so we could have an understanding about my future health. When we left, my husband and I hugged so hard just from the relief we felt. Up until that point, I didn’t realize how stressed my body really was… My body just wanted to go and celebrate and then sleep for a week!

I prayed and thanked my Savior for the blessings that he has continued to give my family. I never take my blessings for granted, I know he protects us and never gives us more than we can handle. I have questioned that many times throughout my childhood and I have even forgotten that a few times in my adulthood, but prayer has gotten me through a lot in my life and it has helped me to accept things that might have destroyed me if I had let it….

Here are a couple of picture of Hondo and myself. We are working on some spring cleaning (shedding, clipping, etc….)

I have never realized how tall Hondo was until my husband asked me to stand behind him and look over. I asked Joe to take a picture of his line back and I could barely put my head over his withers. I am 5’4″ and Hondo is about 16 hands. When I was looking for a trail horse, one of my requirements was a horse right around 15 hands due to it being easier to mount and jump off if I had too. Luckily Hondo’s other features out weighed his height!

As almost every rider will say… My favorite view!  From the back of my horse 🙂

Have a great day…

TC…… horsetrailadventures.wordpress.com

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