Fingers Crossed

Tomorrow is the big day. I will have my post-op appointment and find out my results. I’m feeling pretty good about my prognosis. Physically I am starting to get my energy back, the pain and most of my symptoms have disappeared so I’m feeling very optimistic.

In the meantime, I haven’t been able to ride and I hope I get the go ahead tomorrow. Today I started going through all my equipment (again). I received my new backpack and I’m trying to figure how to best keep Hondo balanced. I have never ridden with a backpack so I will be taking quite a few test rides with it on.  I learned on my night in the desert that I have a slight problem involving my sleeping bag.

When I packed to go in the desert, I had a hard time with my sleeping bag.  I tried to just hang it from my saddle horn and it was just too bulky. When I tied it to the back of my saddle, it got in the way of me mounting and dismounting.  After that night I figured I would stick it in my backpack.  I hadn’t yet received my backpack prior to my practice run.

Today when I went through my things, I put my sleeping bag in my backpack. It took a lot of shoving and pushing, but it is now in there.  My husband said that it will be to bulky with me wearing a backpack with the sleeping bag in it.  I told him, think of it as an air bag!  If I fall off and land on my back, it would be very soft… he wasn’t amused 😋

My dilemma is my sleeping bag…. If I get the clearance to ride tomorrow, one of the first things I’m going to do is practice wearing my backpack with my sleeping bag in it…

If anyone has a suggestion, please let me know….

Until next time… Happy Riding..


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