Giving Back

This past weekend it stormed in Tucson and I was not able to go riding. My family and I was stuck inside. At one point I thought about going to the movies, but then I would be spending money that I really preferred saving. I decided it was time to start some spring cleaning.

We have an animal shelter not far from us and one of the things they ask for as a donation are empty and cleaned out prescription bottles. I save mine during the year and had collected many of these bottles. It was time to go and donate them. I wasn’t going to only take the bottles, so I told my boys that it was time to clean all the bathroom and linen closets out.  We ended up donating 31 old towels, 18 small blankets, 6 large blankets and 6 pillows. When we loaded up my car, I decided to stop at the store on my way and spend the money that we would have spent going to the movies for dog and cat food. I bought moist food and 10 big bags of dry food. I wanted my boys to feel the spirit of giving, so I had them come with me and of course carry everything into the building in the rain!

I have always tried to teach my children to help out those less fortunate then us, including the animals. Our pets are part of our family and they needed to know that not all animals have families. After we completed bringing in everything, we took a tour of the facility. I had explicit orders from my husband not to adopt. We did not bring home any strays that day. Tony had decided when he had his own place that he was going to come back and adopt a German Shepard that he saw. I stressed to him if he was going to get a pet that it was a lifelong commitment and it was going to be a part of his family just like our pets are now. We do not believe in throw away pets and the best place to find a new member of his family is always at the shelter. He really wanted to bring that German Shepard home! I had to say no, but what we donated was going to help that German Shepard. He decided he wanted to help more, so he is signing up to be a volunteer there in the summer to walk the dogs in the nearby park.  The shelter is very fortunate to be connected to an urban lake and park. You can always see a volunteer walking the dogs there.

I’m happy that Tony understood about giving back and that he wants to help even more than just donations…  I will let you know about his adventures this summer walking the dogs as a volunteer…

Until next time…


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