Is it Mayan?

I pass the above tree on one of the trails I ride on.  I was told it was a Mayan carving. I always wondered why it wasn’t protected by the nearby  State Park?  As I passed it this week, I noticed someone had destroyed the top of the carving. I attempted to research it, but I couldn’t find anything on it. I’m upset that I didn’t have an earlier picture prior to it being destroyed. You can see the fresh cuts someone had made. Why would anyone destroy it like they did?

Prior to the above picture being taken, I took all my boys on a hike to see the carving. My son Tony has Aspergers Syndrome which is in the autism spectrum. People have left trinkets hanging on the branches around this carving. Tony took one of the trinkets off a branch and I had to have a discussion that it may be someone’s wish or a prayer.  I asked him if he left a wish or prayer would he want someone to take it away? I talked to him in a language that he understands. He promptly put the trinket back and asked if the next time we hike back to this place if he could bring something for a wish. To date we haven’t been back together. When I do pass while riding Hondo, I always remember the conversation and I think what would I want to wish on the carving?

Now that the carving is destroyed can you make a wish or prayer on it? Is it even something that you would want to make a wish?  Does it hold good or evil spirits? That is if you believe in that sort of thing…  why would other people leave trinkets around? Is it an offering to the Mayans?

It looks like I have more questions than answers.  I’m still trying to find some information on the carving. I called the nearby park (National Saguaro Park West) and the Ranger is supposed to call me back. He did not know about the carving and he is going to ask around. While I was talking to him, he asked how often I rode on the trails in the park. He was trying to recruit me to be a volunteer horse patrol for the park. I said if he could find out some information on the carving, I would think about it.

Well, till next time……. TC

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