My Tent & Zippy

I decided to put up my new tent in our family room. When I got finished my dog Zip had to check it out, he even had to stick his head in my sleeping bag.  One of the things I am going to miss is not being able to take Zip with me on my trail ride. My dog Zippy is extremely attached to me and he even whines when I leave for work. He knows when I get up in the morning and start getting dressed that I will be gone for the day. He starts pouting before I even leave. Zippy loves the weekends or my days off. I don’t get up and start getting dressed right away so he is happy from the very beginning of the day…

Back to me setting up my new tent, of course he had to help. I was concerned about him getting in the tent because his claws are a little long right now, but I figured it would let me know how the floor held up.  It seemed to do just fine. I put my sleeping pad and sleeping bag in the tent to check out the size. I will have plenty of room for my saddle and all the supplies I need to put in there for the night.

I also weighed the tent, pad and bag. All together they weighed 9.8 lbs.  I am trying to weigh everything as you know so I don’t go over the 20% weight limit that I want Hondo to carry comfortably.

I have three different lists that I’m going by for taking everything I need and to not forget anything. I have a list for me, for Hondo and for extra tack, equipment and tools.  I know once I get out in the wilderness, I will have forgotten something (that’s just being me!).

My husband bought me a solar phone charger as part of my equipment. It has a radio, clock, flashlight and it can also be powered by hand cranking it. He is still uptight if I take this trip alone. Joe keeps suggesting people who might be able to go with me. In some sort a way, I would like another person to go with me. I also have that part of me that wants to do this alone. I feel I will have a bigger amount of accomplishment if I am able to do it alone.  I have quite a few mixed thoughts about what I should do and what I deep down want to do….

Well, until next time…. TC

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