Stormy Night

Last night it stormed really bad. During the storm, I stayed awake and listened to the strong winds against my home and watched lightning crashing in the sky.  We have not had such a strong storm in a long while. It has been cold and rainy for the last couple of weeks, but last night it really stormed. I kept thinking about Hondo weathering the storm. Hondo has a shelter, but not one that has any closed sides. He has a stall with a shelter that opens up to an arena, I keep his stall gate open so Hondo is free to come and go into his pen and arena at will. He does have a couple of trees around his arena that helps provide some shelter. I can see his stall from my back door, but I can’t see beyond to the arena. Hondo weathered the storm somewhere in the arena, probably next to one of the trees that he uses for protection from the wind.

This morning when I checked on Hondo, he and his blanket was covered in mud. After Hondo ate his breakfast, I went to go clean him off and the wind started picking up again.  For some reason Hondo was not in a happy mood and he started spooking at things that were blowing in the wind. He even jumped when the wind shut his tack shed door and his carrot bag decided to roll towards him. This was one of the first times in years that I have seen Hondo spook at anything. My guess is that he was so tired from being up most of the night due to the storm. If that happens on the trail due to lack of sleep, I’m going to have to figure out how to make sure my horse gets plenty of rest away from home.

One of my next steps after the rain stops and the ground starts drying up, I’m going to take a ride on one of the trails that Hondo is familiar with and camp out for the night. This will tell me how he will do with me and him camping out on a trail. We have ridden together for years and I would have never thought that Hondo would be jumpy like he was today.

We have a lot of work to do prior to us officially starting on the AZT, but it’s exciting!!!

I put some pictures below to let you see how muddy he was before today’s grooming  We will talk later……

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