I wanted to drive up to Redington Road, but it has been rainy during the 2 days that I had planned on going. The last 6-7 miles is on a dirt road so I am waiting for it to dry up before I drive there.

I called the forest ranger about Gordon Hirabayashi campground, also known as Prison Road Campground. The campground has horse amenities and I wanted to know if I needed to reserve a spot to spend the night. He stated it was a first come first serve basis. Since I will be traveling on the AZT, I can setup a camp independently from the campground.

My husband and I have discussed the trip and I am planning on doing Passage 10 in one day (18 miles) and camping at the above campground.  He will drop me off early early at Redington Road and meet me that night or the next morning at Gordon Hirabayashi Campground.  I will spend the night at the campground hopefully. If I don’t make it to the campground, I will camp along the trail and meet my husband the next morning.  I will let you know how the plan formulates during my preparations.

I bought me a sleeping bag today. It is a mummy bag rated to 20 F.  It is also a women’s size. I am only 5’4″ and I thought about a youth bag until I saw this one. I am trying to be so picky about all my equipment due to my weight restrictions. My mummy bag weighs 3.8 lbs.  I also bought a small camp stove and some fuel. It is really small and only weighs 11 oz. the fuel is in cans and two of them weighs less than a pound also.

I compared quite of few backpacks and I think I will need to have a 50L for my back and 2 40L that I will attached to the sides of the back of my saddle. Right behind my saddle, I want to put my tent, pad and sleeping bag. In the next several weeks I will be working on the configuration and weight distribution.

Well that is it for today…. later…..

TC Ornelas….. horsetrailadventures@gmail.com

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