This pass week on the local news, it was reported that there was a wildfire in Redington pass. They dispatched four engines and it burned approximately 15-25 acres. I couldn’t find anymore information if it affected the trail in that area or not. I’m going to drive up to the trailhead this next week to see if I can spot anything. I also have been planning a trip to see how close I can get my horse trailer to the trailhead.

I will be driving my Dodge Charger and I know that after I leave the city, the road turns to a dirt road at mile marker 3.  From that point, I need to travel on the road to around mile marker 12.  At the top of a small ridge, it states that passenger vehicles should park on the right, as the remainder of the route is very bumpy and rocky.  The AZT should cross Redington road here and I should see signs on both sides of the road. I will definitely be taking it easy in my Charger, my “lil blue” as I call her is still my baby and I will not take her on a road that might tear her up….

The directions also talk about going further up the road with a high clearance 4-wheel drive to descend the ridge to the south. Approximately two miles down this road I should find another metal AZT sign near some corrals and fences. This area is called “Italian Trap” and is the last stretch of Passage 9.

My goal is to see how far I can go hauling my horse trailer and then to see if I can hike to Italian Trap. I also will be looking for the damage from the Wildfire.

If my husband doesn’t feel like going for a hike, I may ask my mom to go.  My biggest obstacle is I am still healing from my surgery and I have been having a severe case of fatigue. The doctor expected this due to the type of surgery that I had. I had major surgery on my stomach and he said one of the hardest things I will be coping with is fatigue. Some days I could  just sleep all day and I will really need to push myself to take this small day trip.

Well this is all for now…. can’t wait to tell you about the day trip!

Till later….

TC Ornelas – horsetrailadventures@gmail.com


2 thoughts on “Wildfire!

  1. I’m here from a ‘prompt’ from your Mom.. I now life in Ecuador, but when growing up in Mississippi, I was almost always riding a horse! Presenly I too ‘endure’ fatigue, which has worsened since a second infection of dengue which had a tag-along co-infection of chikungunya. Fatigueis often extrme, but since nothing seems to help, I usually ignore it and roll through each day, sleeping when opportunity allows…

    I look forward to reading more, but wanted to leave a smoke signal!

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  2. byw, i wrote this while sprawled flat on my back as i take a break from a really hot day on the coast… i’m in the area that was hit by last year’s earthquake, and am about to go back out and photograph friends who are building a new ‘kit’ home….


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