JJ and Hondo

Today my son JJ took Hondo to work with him. He is using Hondo to push at the dude ranch he works at. Of course me being very protective of my horse, got up to help him load and followed him to work. It’s not that I don’t trust JJ to pull a horse trailer, he  has been pulling a bigger trailer than mine where he works, I just wanted to make sure Hondo got there safe.

JJ is taking him on some different trails that Hondo hasn’t been on. All the trails in Saguaro National Park west, Hondo and I have been on numerous times and Hondo knows them all.  Due to Hondo being an ex border patrol horse, he has thousands of miles under the saddle and nothing much really fazes him. I will never say a horse is dead broke because there is always some horse eating bush, mailbox, snake or bear out there that will spook a horse. But, Hondo is as close as they come to being a dead broke horse that I have ever owned.

One of the best things about Hondo is he has absolutely no problems going out alone and even if we come across other horses, Hondo separates with no problems. I actually think he likes it best when we ride alone cause when we have ridden with other horses, he actually gets grumpy with them.

Today is a good training day for Hondo. I have not gotten my clearance to ride yet, so thankfully my son is stepping up to help me!

Thats all for today…… later….


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