Passage 10 -Redington Pass

I have been going through the books I received in the mail a few days ago. I think Passage 10 on The Arizona Trail (AZT) might be the first leg I try out while I am planning my ride-thru. Passage 10 is 15.7 miles long and the difficulty rating is moderate. It has a total elevation gain of 2577 feet.  This passage is a link between Saguaro National Park East and the Pusch Ridge Wilderness.

I would like to think I can do the 15.7 miles in 1 day, camp, and the return back to the beginning.  That is what I’m going to plan for. I know I can do 8 miles in about 4 hours because I’ve have completed that numerous times.

My oldest 17-year old son JJ is showing interest going on a weekend trip with me in the wilderness. He is an excellent horseback rider. He is currently working at a ranch as a trail guide for taking vacationers on the trails with horses. I hope he keeps up his interest during all the planning stages. It would be wonderful to be on trail with him and not alone.

The best time of year to go through this passage is September through June. I would like to go at the end of March. This is what I am going to put my full attention on to start with. I am picking the date of March 24, 2017 or depending on weather conditions March 31, 2017.

I have lost a lot of weight and my saddle is a 17 inch seat. It has become uncomfortable because of this. The first thing on my list is to find a better fitting saddle for me and Hondo. I will need this before I start working Hondo really hard (more for my sake, not his!). Hope fully this will happen in the next week or two….

More later…….. TC

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