The Arizona Trail

In the land of Arizona

Through desert heat or snow
Winds a Trail for folks to follow
From Utah to Old Mexico
It’s the Arizona Trail
A path through the great Southwest
A diverse track through wood and stone
Your spirit it will test
Some will push and pedal
And some will hike or run
Others will ride their horse or mule
What else could be more fun
Oh, sure, you’ll sweat and blister
You’ll feel the miles each day
You’ll shiver at the loneliness
Your feet and seat will pay
But you’ll see moonlight on the borderlands
You’ll see stars on the Mogollon
You’ll feel the warmth of winter sun
And be thrilled straight through to bone
The aches and pains will fade away
You’ll feel renowned and whole
You’ll never be the same again
With Arizona in your soul
Along the Arizona Trail
A reverence and peace you’ll know
Through deserts, canyons and mountains
From Utah to Old Mexico
By Dale R. Shewalter

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