Still Recovering

I am 2-weeks out of surgery today. It is the first day that I went and feed Hondo myself. My husband doesn’t ride, but he always takes care of my horse for me when I can’t.

Today is going to be a grooming day for Hondo. It rained most of the day yesterday and he has mud on him. I kept him blanketed at night due to the temperature drop.  I normally don’t like to blanket my horse, but when it gets below 40 degrees, I just get protective of my desert horse.  As Hondo and I get in better shape for our Arizona Trail adventure, the blanket will be staying in his tack shed.

Yesterday I ordered two books on The Arizona Trail and they should be delivered tomorrow as I have two day shipping. I will let you know which one is the better guidebook after I read them.

I also started researching equipment. I know a horse should never carry more than 20% of his weight for any length of time. I’m figuring that Hondo will be comfortable with 215-230 lbs. I will need to be very selective with all my equipment.

Well the sun is out and this is a good time to spend some time with my horse!

Talk later…….

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