Day 1 – The last day of the year

Today is the first day of my blog.  That means I will be stumbling along until I figure this out. I’m not sure of what I am really doing, I just know that I want to record my next adventure in life.

I decided to start on the last day of 2016 instead of waiting for the new year. When I get something rolling around in my brain, I need to start right away. With that said, my next goal in life is to ride my horse on the Arizona Trail. This will be the first of many trails I hope and the first one I chose is because it is the closest and “only” 800 miles if I do the full trail.  I’m thinking to start with, I might split the Arizona Trail in segments until I’m ready to do a ride-thru.

Before I can do anything, I need to learn how to keep a blog and record my progress as I train and prepare. I am 51 years old and I didn’t grow up with computers like my children have. I will probably depend on one of them to help me with the logistics as I go along.

I guess I need to tell you a little about me, even though you will be learning more as I go through this adventure. I have 6 children ages 34, 32, 30, 17,16 and my baby is 15. My three oldest are girls and my three youngest are boys. I will talk plenty about them in my blogs so you will get to know about each one of them.  I also have three grandsons ages 7, 5 and 1. Each of my girls have had a boy and I am the proudest Grammy around with my grandsons. They can do no wrong!!  I also have a husband that I have been married to for 19 years. We have technically been together for 27 years though.

Well I hope this has been a good start. Tomorrow I would like to talk about the horses in my life and it will be the first day of training. My biggest challenge now is to figure out how to get this published.

Talk to you soon….

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